Mike Stevenson

From rough sleeper to award winning entrepreneur

Mike Stevenson is a must have keynote speaker - a tour de force who surprises and delights in equal measure. Few are better at moving people to greater things, and from leadership to customer service he inspires. His own journey from homelessness to award-winning entrepreneur is filled with remarkable people and events. His stories amaze and shock, his humour captivates and his insights will inspire. More than that, he lifts, he motivates and he shifts mindsets.

“Mike is an extraordinary person, a fantastic facilitator, who conveys a positive spirit and inspiring attitude. He is very humble, entertaining, engaging and positively challenging in his approach. It has been fantastic working with him.”

Dr Thilo Kroll,
School of Nursing & Midwifery, University of Dundee

“…a fantastic presentation yesterday. It was or rather you were 'inspirational'. I was greatly impressed by how you won them over with your excitement, passion, enthusiasm and humour, and then went for the jugular and challenged them all to sit up and take stock.”

Christine Murphy, Manager,
Scottish Business in the Community, West Lothian

“Mike's your man. If you've ever been in a room where Mike has the podium you can literally feel the surge of adrenaline lift those around you.”

Colin Gilchrist, Owner,
Digital Face Ltd

“…a virtually unique skill set of being able to apply motivational and lateral thought to projects that have become stale and reached a point of inertia. Mike breathes life into the challenges that are laid before him and leaves a wake of happy, inspired and positively redirected people behind him. This is a rare skill indeed…”

David Reid, Managing Director,
Because Brands Matter

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